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Renegade - Threefold Super Stretchy Silicone Cockring

Renegade - Threefold Super Stretchy Silicone Cockring
Manufacturer: Renegade

Triple pack your cock and balls thanks to the brand-new Threefold Super Stretchy Silicone Cockring by Renegade, enhancing your erection and sensations to be the best lover in bed or have the biggest bulge at the party. The brand NsNovelties brings you all the best accessories at the highest quality for your BDSM and kinky sessions.

Cockrings are super famous for their enhancing capabilities on your boner: not only does it make you bigger and more sensitive, it also delays your orgasm and you can last longer and have more fun in bed! They keep your blood right where you need it the most thanks to the light constricting effect, and tugs lightly at your balls to provide you with a delaying effect and give them a plump and full effect.

Its minimalistic design, discreet color and foldable material allows you to use it around cock, balls or both at the same time to get the biggest bulge in your underwear. Your sensitivity will also be increased, making it perfect for all your cock and ball torture sessions.

For a better and easier setup, you can smear some of your favorite water-based lube on the cockring to slide it right in place! After your session, wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or special sextoy cleaner, then let it air dry before storing it away in a cool and dark place, away from other silicone toys.

Product details:
✓ Exciting triple cockring
✓ More lust in bed and better sensations
✓ Stretches your balls and stimulates your erection
✓ High quality silicone
✓ Super tight and stretchy material
✓ Easy to use and to clean

Dimensions: approx. 12 x 4.4 cm
Inner diameters cockring: approx. 2.4, 2.7 & 3 cm
Thickness: approx. 1 cm
Material: silicone
Color: black

18.90 EUR