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Behave! Luxury Fetish - Bind Love Rope

Behave! Luxury Fetish - Bind Love Rope
Manufacturer: CHISA Novelties

The Bind Love Rope from Behave! is an exciting accessory to enjoy the feeling of Japanese-style bondage sessions. Whether you're restraining the movements of your partner or they're restraining yours, this long and durable rope is perfect to bind their hands and feet.

With this soft bondage rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy bondage play. For both Kinbaku or Shibari styles of bondage and even if you're a total beginner, you can start slowly by just attaching the rope around the wrists and ankles to the bed for instance and be completely helpless for your BDSM session. Being attached or seeing your partner attached will surely excite you, especially if you're into domination/submission games.

The Behave collection is perfect for your kinky Bondage sessions so you can play safely and securely. With a bit of training, you can then elaborate body harnesses and more complicated rope restraints and turn your session into body art.

Product details:
✓ Long black rope
✓ Perfect for Shibari or BDSM sessions
✓ Light, durable and practical
✓ High tear resistance
✓ Made with cotton and terylene
✓ Bind your partner for more excitement

Total length: approx. 10 m
Width: approx. 9 mm
Material: terylene, cotton
Color: black

9.90 EUR


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