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10 Speed Torrent High-Tech Stroker - Black

10 Speed Torrent High-Tech Stroker - Black
Manufacturer: Rocks Off Ltd.
Torrent is a high-tech stroker that give you the ultimate control over your pleasure thanks to its incredible design and multiple modes of air-pressure and vibrations!

Made with soft and flexible silicone and an innovative design, the grip fits perfectly in your hand and feels delicious on your shaft. When you're ready, activate the vibrations and pulsations and stroke until you climax! Activate one of the 10 vibration modes as well and you'll quickly reach new heights of pleasure unlike anything you've ever tested!

With its air pressure pads on the inside, you can make it tighter and more pleasurable so that every stroke feels as tight as if you were inside the real thing! Let it automatically inflate or regulate it manually to your liking.

For even better gliding sensations, smear your favorite water-based lube on your shaft, hold the masturbator and get ready to stroke until the ultimate satisfaction.

After your session, clean up with warm water and mild soap or special sextoy cleaner and let it completely air dry before storing it away in a cool and dark place, separate from other silicone toys.

Product details:
✓ Strong vibrations
✓ Pulsations all around your shaft
✓ 6 auto air pressure modes inflating the internal pillows
✓ Manual air pressure control also possible
✓ Textured interior for maximum sensations
✓ 10 vibration & pulsing modes
✓ Ergonomically designed
✓ Fits perfectly in your hand
✓ Made with body-safe soft-touch silicone
✓ Splashproof
✓ Rechargeable: 130 min charge for 80 min autonomy

Total length: approx. 20 cm
Width: approx. 8.6 cm
Battery: Lithium-Ion rechargeable with USB cable (included)
Weight: approx. 415 g
Material: silicone, ABS plastic
Color: black
79.90 EUR


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