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Bondage Beginner Breathable Ball Gag PVC

Bondage Beginner Breathable Ball Gag PVC
Manufacturer: Bondage Beginner
Get the Breathable Ball Gag by Bondage Beginner in your fetish collection and wear it during sex to deprive you or your partner of the means to speak. On the other hand, only moaning and noises are possible, which might excite you and make your play session even better.

In BDSM, giving control to your partner can be a way of making things more exciting, which prevents you from guiding the session and telling your partner what to do. Additionally, if your partner is being quite loud in bed, the ball gag is the perfect solution. From then on, only exciting moans of pleasure will be heard in your bedroom.

Small holes allow you to breathe through throughout your whole session, giving you plenty of air flow.

The leather belt is super easy and comfy to handle, with a special velvet-smooth surface against your skin and a leathery one on the outside. Place the gag in the mouth behind the front teeth and adjust the straps with ease around your head.

Product details:
✓ Breathable ball gag
✓ Adjustable size with buckle
✓ Replace loud noises with sexy moaning
✓ Spice up your sex life
✓ Easy to clean

Total length: approx. 62.5 cm
Length straps: approx. 31.5 & 15.5 cm
Diameter ball: approx. 4.5 cm
Material: metal, leather, PVC
Color: black
9.90 EUR


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