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CoolMann BodyGlide Water Based Lube 150 ml

CoolMann BodyGlide Water Based Lube 150 ml
Manufacturer: Cobeco Pharma
Content: 150 ml
Price per 1 litre: 99.33 EUR

This gel is going to intensify your sexy nights even further. coolMann BodyGlide is the perfect lubricant for seductive full body massages and of course for sexual encounters.

Completely water-based and without any added oils, this lube offers you extra long lasting lubrication and cares for your skin while making it smoother. During sex you will perceive all stimulations even more intensively and at the same time increase your partner's passion. Moreover, the gel is compatible with latex condoms and therefore perfect for all your erotic adventures.

Simply spread the desired amount of BodyGlide by coolMann on the body part of your choice and you will enjoy the best gliding effect. During the application you will experience a fantastic feeling of comfort, which leaves a wonderful impact on your skin even after washing off.

coolMann BodyGlide allows you to finally live out your suppressed lust without worries, as this intimate lubricant will definitely not let you down.
14.90 EUR


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