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Lubricating Silk Fists 500ml

Lubricating Silk Fists 500ml
Manufacturer: Cobeco Pharma
Content: 500 ml
Price per 1 litre: 49.8 EUR

With the water-based gel Lubricating Silk Fists your fisting session will be optimally enhanced. This silky white lubricating gel provides your skin with moisture and makes it soft and supple.

With Silk, even large objects slide into your anus easily and the classic white color of the gel makes your action even hotter. It also has extremely long gliding abilities as it is not absorbed by the skin and therefore guarantees permanent lubrication.

Of course you can also combine Lubricating Silk Fists gel with latex condoms or simply use it for massages. Its application possibilities are almost unlimited.
24.90 EUR


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