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Cellmate - Next Level Chastity Device - Regular

Cellmate - Next Level Chastity Device - Regular
Cellmate Next Level Chastity Device is just the right toy if you're looking to take your penis cage experience to the next level, as the latest hit on the market is digital sex toys.

This chastity cage does not require neither padlock nor key, since it is controlled by a smartphone app. You can find the QR codes for the download links for both Android and IOS on page 2 of the enclosed manual. After you have installed the app, you can connect your Cellmate with your mobile phone via Bluetooth after a short registration process. You will be intuitively guided through the pairing process by pictures in the application.

To put it on you first have to unlock Cellmate. Then put the penis and testicles through one of the two included rings. Next you insert your pecker into the cage and connect it with the pins of the ring. You can now push the pin on the right side (seen from above) back in to close the cage and you are locked in for the time being.

You can now select different ways to unlock the cage in the app. For example, it allows you to define a certain "holding duration" with start & end time. Note: It is NOT possible to open the app before the end of the set time. But the most tingly thing is to give up control and let someone else determine the time of your release. Your keeper needs the app for this as well, since you can then easily give him this virtual authorization. Not knowing how long you will be imprisoned is going to drive you into ecstasy.

While wearing this miracle toy, any sign of an erection will be nipped in the bud and your desire to unload the pent-up passion will steadily grow throughout the day. Thanks to the perfectly placed openings, this penis cage is hygienic as urination is easily possible and your skin can breathe well. When your manhood is finally released from the BDSM prison, your accumulated sexual energy will be transformed into a powerful erection and your orgasm after a hot session alone or with a partner will certainly feel supernatural.

Cellmate by Qiui is the perfect fusion of penis cage and the digital world. You definitely don't want to miss out on this masterpiece.

Important notes:
- To clean Cellmate, it is best to use sufficient amounts of toycleaner.
- This product must not be worn when swimming, showering or bathing.
- Maximum recommended wearing time is 14 days.
- You should change the battery as soon as the capacity is less than 15%.

Product details:
✓ penis cage with digital control
✓ suppresses your erection
✓ Bluetooth technology
✓ time settings
✓ allows total sumbission

Total length: approx. 4" (10.3 cm)
Insertable length: approx. 2.95" (7.5 cm)
Inner diameter: approx. 1.38" (3.5 cm)
Diameter rings: approx. 1.85 / 2" (4.7 / 5.1 cm)
Battery: 1x CR14200
Material: polycarbonate, zinc, aluminium
Colour: black, anthracite
169.90 EUR