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Anal Drops from Soft Touch Silicone Small

Anal Drops from Soft Touch Silicone Small
This drop-shaped anal chain is a must have for every toy collection, because with this toy made of body-friendly silicone your sensations will certainly be turned upside down.

The four connected elements (all with the same diameter) are made of one piece and are characterised by their unique drop shape. This fantastic design turns both insertion and removal into a pleasurable experience. As each ball narrows at the bottom, with the addition of some water-based lubricant they effortlessly slide into your anus and even when pulled out just before the climax, their shape helps provide you with an incomparable orgasm that you won't forget any time soon.

After use you should clean the anal chain thoroughly with warm soapy water or toy cleaner and store it protected from light after complete drying. This will considerably extend the lifespan of the material.

With this chain, the gain in stimulation is more than just a drop in the ocean. It will be a hard task for you to wait for the next possibility to use these wonderful anal balls.

Product details:
✓ flexible anal chain
✓ easy handling
✓ constant size of drops
✓ made in one piece
✓ body-friendly silicone

Total length: approx. 12.9" (33 cm)
Drop diameter: approx. 1.1" (3 cm)
Material: silicone
Colour: black
28.90 EUR


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