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Content: 25 ml
Isopropyl nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

As of now with new safety cap! Totally leak-proof!

"Who's your daddy?" With the new Dad poppers this question will be answered promptly.

Because only true men are able to cope with the extremely strong aroma and let their enormous desire jump over to their partners. This formula contains the highly effective isopropyl nitrite, which immediately after opening transforms the room into a real sex cave. Neither you nor your partner can escape this wonderful room scent and its effectiveness, which guarantees particularly passionate action.

To keep your poppers fresh for a long time, this bottle contains the proven Power Pellet, which makes your aroma even stronger by shaking. Since it absorbs humidity, your formula remains ultra pure and effective. In addition, the new absolutely tight safety cap makes unintentional leakage impossible. It can only be unscrewed by simultaneously pressing the cap down and turning it to the left.

For experienced poppers lovers, Dad Extra Strong is just the right aroma as it's perfectly lets you take care of beginners who may be overwhelmed by this formula.
12.90 EUR


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