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Dr. Roccos - The Coxs Cog Cock Ring Metallic

Dr. Roccos - The Coxs Cog Cock Ring Metallic
Manufacturer: Rocks Off Ltd.
The new addition to Dr. Rocco's Pleasure Emporium is the amazing Cox's Cog Metallic Black.

Let yourself be carried off on adventurous journeys of lust that you never imagined before. This Cocking is a real appetite stimulant in its visual appearance alone. The unique finishing offers you an orgasmic trip through past centuries.

With the silicone Cock Ring by Dr. Rocco your erection will last extra long and your penis will stay rock hard!
After you've experienced ultimate pleasure, the flexible Cox's Cog is simply cleaned with warm water and soap.

Enjoy stylish action that will take you on a journey through time - with a smile on your lips.

Product details:
✓ flexible cock-ring
✓ firm grip
✓ stylish metallic color
✓ detailed cog pattern
✓ robust construction
✓ easy cleaning

Diameter: approx. 3.7 cm (1.46")
Width: approx. 1,5 cm (0.59")
Material: silicone
Color: metallic black, gold
16.90 EUR


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