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Masturbator Portable Happy Cup

Masturbator Portable Happy Cup
Manufacturer: CHISA Novelties
The Portable Happy Cup is a masturbator in a cup with two different holes linked with a textured and stretchable tunnel. The material is T-Skin, a very stretchy, resistant and realistic texture that will make you want to touch and penetrate it. Whether you prefer anal or oral sensations, the cup is perfect for you. With its compact design and protective case, you can store it away easily and it will be perfectly protected.

The holes can be stretched in order to fit the size of an S to XXL penis for a penetration without hinderance. You should use water-base lube for even better sensations. 

Length: ca. 19 cm
Diameter: ca. 8,5 cm
Material: ABS, T-Skin
19.90 EUR


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