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Lock & Stretch Assboy

Lock & Stretch Assboy
This anal plug can be used as an asslock and for gentle rosette stretching.

By pulling back the stem, a ball is pushed between three steel jaws. These spread and increase the diameter evenly.

Completely opened, the analplug can be locked with a padlock. The rear part of the stem can be unscrewed and shortened to 1cm.

The ball can also be unscrewed and replaced with a larger one for a bigger diameter. The included ball has a diameter of 19mm.

The entire plug is made of polished stainless steel.

✓ can be used as an asslock or for anal stretching
✓ easy to use
✓ polished surface
✓ ground edges
✓ made of the finest stainless steel
✓ easy and hygienic to clean
✓ robust and virtually indestructible
✓ applicable in the bathroom and under the shower
✓ incl. Lock and spare key
✓ can be pre-cooled or heated for more stimuli

Weight: ca. 390 g
Length: ca. 13 cm (5,1 inch)
Length of shaft: ca. 9 cm (3,5 inch)
Diameter closed: ca. 32 mm (1,3 inch)
Diameter open: ca. 48 mm (1,9 inch)
Material: Stainless Steel
59.90 EUR


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